Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Last Ronin: Issue #3

 Gonna get my read on tonight! Can't wait to read TMNT: The Last Ronin #3!!!

Comic Book Pick 5/26/21

     The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz (A) Ben Bishop (A/CA) Kevin Eastman, Esau Escorza, Issac Escorza
Unexpected allies from the past reveal a possible path to salvation! As the Foot Clan sweeps NYC for the rogue Ronin, a final desperate plan in the name of vengeance is made! Spanning decades, this issue's action and intrigue will set up the astounding final issues!
SRP: $8.99
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Friday, May 7, 2021

These figures are totes DORBZ!

Over the years I have collected certain Funko POPs figures, but mostly just of characters I really enjoy. These have included the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Spider-Man and Street Fighter. I had seen the Dorbz figures, also released by Funko, at stores before, but never really wanted to pick them up. That is until our local Hastings store was closing and I was able to grab some for around $3 each.

The figures in question were these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I was able to pick up Leo, Raph & Donnie for the $3 price tag, but there were no Mikey's available. I waited until I was able to find one on ebay for a good price. I think I paid around $5 for him and was able to complete the set!
The Funko Dorbz line was just as vast as their POPs line with characters from Marvel to DC to horror icons like Jason to cartoon favorites like He-Man. There was a Dorbz out there for everyone. They just never caught on like the POPs and were recently discontinued. I wasn't a huge fan in the beginning, but these figures have grown on me for their cute faces and really affordable price point. I suggest you pick some up to add to your collection and enjoy! They are pretty awesome!!

Friday, April 30, 2021

Cracked Turtles

CRACKED Magazine was founded in 1958 as a foil to the more popular MAD Magazine. Though it lasted in various forms until 2007, CRACKED was always the little brother to MAD. I know I was a MAD reader, but that was because our local library carried MAD Magazine and when me and my older brother would have to wait there for our sister to pick us up after school, MAD was required reading. That is until one day, my brother's friend Pat brought this issue of CRACKED to school and I was mesmerized by this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody cover. 
Pat let me borrow the issue and I was surprised to see how closely it resembled MAD Magazine. I always believed CRACKED was more of a MAD spinoff than a rival publication. Anyway, I was looking for the Turtles stuff and this issue did not disappoint!

This "Good News/Bad News" skit is actually kind of funny and the artwork is really well done. Haven't read this in years and it still is cool to see.
The next Ninja Turtles bit is about Housewives Against Turtles Everywhere. I remember the Turtles being seen as too violent for kids, but by today's standards that 80's cartoon is very tame. I remember loving the image of this freakish zombie Turtle and wishing I could draw like that. This is the last page inside this issue of CRACKED that contains any Ninja Turtle content. I wish there was more! 
The rest of the book was filled with more MAD like satire. I thought this send up on Cellular Phones was pretty funny and very dated. I will have to say the issue did end with some coolness as we were left with this...
CRACKED Cut-Up for a can of Mutant Turtle Soup! I really wanted to cut this out, but this was Pat's magazine so that was off the table. I guess now that I have my own copy, I can scan and finally make this grade school dream come true! Did you read CRACKED as a kid? 

Friday, April 23, 2021

New TMNT Toy Pickups

A few years ago I visited a local vintage toy store where I live. The guy who ran the place was a jerk, not helpful at all, didn't have prices on anything and looked up his prices compared to what was up on ebay! I bought about 2 items that day and never returned due to the poor customer service and high prices. About a month ago, I decided to give that shop a chance again. Maybe things had changed over the years? I was met & greeted by a friendly employee who was ready to help me find what I was looking for and more than happy to talk toys and NBA. He still looked up the prices on ebay, but was willing to negotiate. The place was a mess with boxes everywhere and no real organization, but the customer service was above what I was expecting and this time I left with a nice collection of Playmates TMNT toys! Here is what I picked up and added to my collection.
Original April O'Neil (1988) & April: The Ninja Newscaster (1992)
Walkabout (1991) & Zak The Neutrino (1991)
Rappin' Mike (1991) & Mona Lisa (1992)
Toon Raphael (1992) & Monty Moose (1992)
Robotic Bebop (1993) & Slice 'N Dice Shredder (1990)
Machine Gunnin' Rocksteady (1991) & Head Spinnin' Bebop (1991)
Slam Dunkin' Don (1991) & Tattoo (1991)
Mutated Don (2006)
Got some pretty great stuff in addition to that Collector's Case. The biggest surprises were finding a Mona Lisa. I had been searching for her figure for years and was never able to find one in my price range. After all was said and done I got her for around $5! Another surprise was the "Mutated Don" figure. I am not too well versed on the 2000's TMNT toy line and I knew this was a Turtle toy, just didn't know what. The guy at the counter thought he was a Leatherhead figure. Not having this in my collection, I had him put it in my pile. I guess "Mutated Don" is a pretty rare figure? Just glad I was able to get him and the rest of the toys above home, cleaned up and in my TMNT collection. I'll have to go back sometime soon and check out this store's comic book offerings. I'll let you know if anything good comes out of that trip. Until then enjoy some retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy commercials!